Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to be a paid member of e-SellHub to be a buyer?
Answer – No! You only need to register an account with us to complete your purchase.

 Do I have to be a paid member of e-SellHub to be a seller?
Answer – No! You only need to register as a seller in order for you to be able to list your items.

 Does free membership expire?
Answer- No, it doesn’t.

 Does club membership expire?
Answer – Yes! It is a one-year membership cover

 Does e-SellHub platform operates 24hours or does it have stipulated daily working hours?
Answer – Yes! Our operation runs 24hrs/7.

 How secured are my details with e-SellHub?
Answer – Our platform is built with high security measures to guard against any malicious threats, and to
secure your details in our possession.

 I am a business owner, how does my business benefit from e-SellHub platform?
Answer – Register your business with us as a seller, and your product/services would be displayed on
our Marketplace community for interested customers to see and patronize.

 Is my club membership fee refundable in case I change my mind after making payment?
Answer – No! It is non – refundable.

 When and how do I get paid with the ‘Refer and Earn’ system?
Answer – The moment any of your referred members sign up.

 Is there are minimum withdrawal amount?
Answer – Yes! You can’t withdrawal below N1500.

 Is there a charge to the money transferred to me from my earnings?
Answer – Yes! 5% withdrawal fee is attracted for bank transfer.

 What kind of goods or services can I display in the Marketplace?
Answer – Anything you sell can be displayed, any services you render can be displayed.

 Is it true I can get a loan as a paid member with no interest to buy anything on e-SellHub?
Answer – Yes you can as a paid member.

 Is it true I can get a loan from e-SellHub as a non-member of your club?
Answer – Yes you can get a loan from us with a 10% interest pay back.

 Can I participate in any of your money making opportunities as a free member?
Answer – No! It is only available for paid members. Sign up as a paid member to enjoy them.

 Can I advertise my business on your platform?
Answer – Yes! That is what we refer to as ‘featured ads’. You pay N3000 to have your business placed on
our banner for 10days.

 What does Share and Earn means?
Once in a while, we encourage paid members to share ads from e-SellHub on their social platform’s and
they earn a token per any one that clicks and view the ads they shared.